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Injured Worker Awarded Extra for Insurance Company Mishandling

The claimant was injured in a car crash suffered while on the job. Farm Family Mutual Insurance accepted the claim and paid his medical bills. However, the insurance company failed to advise him he was entitled to permanent disability benefits. Galanes took the case and proved that the worker was owed 44 weeks of permanent disability benefits and that he was owed 12% interest on the money because of the insurance company’s failure to fairly handle his claim. The claimant won his hearing. The Vermont Department of Labor awarded claimant disability benefits; a penalty for the insurance company’s handling of the claim as well as attorney’s fee.

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Volunteer Firefighter Awarded Back Pay

The claimant suffered a heart attack while working as a volunteer firefighter for the Town of Newbury. The insurance company paid medical benefits but it refused to pay lost wage benefits. After a hearing at the Vermont Department of Labor, the injured worker was award full benefits including wage loss benefits and permanent disability benefits and attorney fees

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Vermont Castings – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Benefits Awarded

Vermont Castings and its insurance company, Travelers Insurance denied the injured worker’s claim for carpal tunnel syndrome. It claimed that the worker’s assembly line work was not difficult enough to cause the claimed injury. After trial at the Vermont Department of Labor, the claimant won. Galanes and his client were awarded medical benefits, vocational benefits, lost wages and permanent disability benefits.

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Vermont Castings Worker Awarded Benefits

The injured worker worked at Vermont Castings building Vermot’s famous woodstoves. He suffered injuries to his hands and wrists as a result. His injuries included carpal tunnel syndrome. The Insurance Company refused to pay for his injury. After a hearing at the Vermont Department of Labor, the injured worker was award medical benefits, wage loss benefits, permanent injury benefits and attorney’s fees.

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Car Salesman Suffers Head Injury

The claimant in this case worked as a car salesman. He slipped and fell on a snow covered parking lot and struck his head. He suffered a significant traumatic brain injury as a result. Once again the insurance company denied the injuries were caused by the work accident. The injured worker was awarded medical benefits, wage loss benefits and ultimately recovered a significant award because the brain injury disabled him from any future work.

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