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19 Jan 2016

Vermont Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Auto Accident Injuries

Our Vermont personal injury lawyer from Galanes Law understands that auto accidents are never positive for anyone, even those who think they may not be injured from the crash. The truth about many injuries is that they manifest later once the victim has settled down. While those who obviously suffered serious injury have been transported to immediate medical treatment, the passengers who suffered seemingly minor injuries often do not seek medical evaluation. It is always a good decision to go to an emergency care facility as soon as possible after an accident because there are several underlying types injuries that may not be apparent at first.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries occur when the connecting tissues of the body are torn away from the skeletal structure during an accident. Whiplash is the primary example of a soft tissue injury, but there are several other points in the body such as the spine where this can also happen. An experienced and effective Vermont personal injury lawyer understands how to evaluate a soft tissue injury for severity and ongoing medical treatments needs when negotiating your claim.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Even a slight bump on the head can create internal brain damage. The proximity of the passengers to the windshield can cause serious injury to the head, including severe cuts. Traumatic brain injuries that produce swelling in the brain can also force brain fluids to the spinal region, often resulting in paralysis. These injuries may also be realized immediately and can do very serious damage during the time between the accident and actually seeking medical evaluation. A Vermont personal injury attorney will always recommend finding a reputable emergency care facility as soon as the injury becomes obvious.

Internal Injuries

The cranial region is not the only part of the body susceptible to an unrealized injury. Internal injuries in the chest cavity can also be very serious, especially when internal bleeding is occurring. Internal bleeding can worsen quickly and even result in death if not treated soon. Mental and emotional injuries are also a component of internal injuries that do not develop until after the accident, many times associated with the physical condition of the victim after the wreck.

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