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12 Jan 2016

Vermont Workers Comp Attorney Answers Workers Compensation FAQ

Vermont Workers Comp Attorney balanceIf you are thinking of filing a workers comp claim, you should consult with your Vermont workers comp attorney before doing so. However, before doing so, read over these frequently asked questions about workers compensation. If you still have further questions or would like to have an attorney represent your claim, call your local Vermont workers comp attorney for further assistance.

How do I know if I am covered under my company’s Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation can be confusing at times. There are typically two ways to figure out if you are covered under your company’s workers compensation. The first is to determine if you are an official employee, and the second is to determine if you were injured on the job as an employee. Even if the answer is a “yes” to both, there is no guarantee that you will be covered by worker’s comp. The rules that are in place in your state will determine if you are covered. Consulting with a workers comp attorney can help you figure out the rules of your state.

Can I receive worker’s comp benefits even if I was not injured at my workplace?

This answer can vary depending on the laws in your state. If you are injured while completing a task for your company, such as running errands at their request, then its likely you will be covered. Other examples may include if you were injured during a company function that did not take place at the workplace or if you were traveling at the request of your company and sustained injuries. However, if you were performing any personal errands or tasks at the same time, then it can become a little less clear.

If I am receiving benefits from worker’s comp and return to work, can I still receive my benefits?

It is possible that you may receive your worker’s comp benefits after returning back to work. If you return to work after your injury and are receiving the same rate of pay that you were before the accident, then it is likely that your benefits will be stopped. However, if you return to work in a limited capacity and are not receiving the same rate of pay you made before the accident, then it is likely you will continue to receive benefits to compensate for that financial loss.

I have been injured on the job and want to file a worker’s compensation claim. Should I hire an attorney?

It is recommended to speak with an attorney to see if you should hire one for your case. An experienced attorney can help you determine if your injured should be covered under the company’s worker’s compensation plan. Keep in mind that if you file a lawsuit against your company, you will likely not be able to collect any benefits from worker’s compensation.

Can I receive benefits no matter how I was injured?

No. Many injuries will be covered under worker’s compensation however there is a line for what will not be covered. Employees will not be allowed to work in an unsafe manor that causes injury so that they may be able to collect benefits. If it is found the worker was on drugs during the time of the accident, they may not receive benefits either. Remember, contact your Vermont workers comp attorney for any clarification with these questions.

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