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8 Mar 2016

A Vermont Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Factors That Affect Neck Injury Claims

Vermont Personal Injury LawyerBecause one of the most common injuries in car accidents is a neck injury, many auto accidents lawyer Vermont are familiar with claims related to this injury. A Vermont personal injury lawyer can explain that there are a number of factors that affect neck injury claims. The differences in the following factors can make a significant difference in whether a neck injury occurs and its severity.

Angle of Collision

An auto accidents lawyer Vermont residents trust can explain that the angle of the collision has a direct impact on the injury. If the vehicle is hit straight on, the injury tends not to be as serious. However, if the collision’s point of impact was at an angle, it is more likely that the spine twisted in response to the motion of the vehicle and impact.

Type of Cars Involved

The size of the vehicles involved can also have a significant impact on the type of injury that results. If the vehicle that hit the victim’s vehicle was large and the victim’s vehicle was smaller, the more serious the injury tends to be.

Speeds of Cars

A Vermont personal injury lawyer will also look at the speed that both vehicles were traveling in order to assess the severity of the injury.

Weather and Road Conditions

Road conditions and the effect that weather has on them can also impact the accident because they affect how much the car moves immediately after the impact.

Information about the Victim

In addition to factors involving the vehicles and the roadway, a Vermont personal injury lawyer can also explain that characteristics related to the victim also affect neck injuries. For example, women tend to experience chronic whiplash pain more often than men due to the differences in their anatomy and seating position as compared with men. Additionally, the level at which the victim was aware of the impending impact can also affect the severity of a neck injury. Some experts believe that whiplash is not as severe when the victim has an opportunity to brace for the impact, which prevents a hyperextension of the head. Although these factors can be evaluated to estimate the severity of the injury, every case is different and requires a careful assessment of the factors involved. In some instances, medical or engineering experts may be needed to explain the impact of different variables at play.

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