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15 Mar 2016

Determining the Value of a Claim with a Vermont Personal Injury Lawyer

Vermont Personal Injury LawyerOur Vermont personal injury lawyer knows that it can be difficult to determine the amount of compensation that victims should request after being injured in accidents in Vermont. However, your attorney can explain that your request for damages will incorporate the following:

Medical Expenses

The primary portion of an accident claim is usually related to medical expenses incurred because of your injury. A Vermont personal injury lawyer can explain that you can help bolster your claim by keeping an accurate record of all medical visits that you made in relation to the injury. Keep track of the places you visited, the name of the treating doctor, a list of prescriptions and a list of other expenses related to your treatment.

Lost Income

Your Vermont personal injury lawyer will also explain that lost income can also be a significant portion of your final award. You can recover funds for the amount of income that you lost due to the accident. A Vermont personal injury lawyer can explain that the amount of lost wages that you incurred can usually be established with payroll records. This is easiest when you work a steady work week or receive a consistent salary. However, accounting records and tax returns may also be able to assist in this endeavor with more complicated situations, such as establishing a business owner’s losses or the lost income of a self-employed person. In some situations, the injury is so severe that the victim cannot return to the same work or may be permanently disabled. In these cases, the victim may have a claim for lost earning capacity. Again, tax records can help establish this level of damages. However, projections regarding potential promotions or estimates by an economist may help provide a more accurate picture of the economic consequences that you will incur in the future.

Pain and Suffering

Accident victims are often entitled to damages for their pain and suffering. A journal that describes pain and the actions the victim took to alleviate can help substantiate this element of damages.

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