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1 Mar 2016

How Can I Convince the Insurance Company That My Claim Is Valid?

Vermont personal injury lawyerA sad truth that your Vermont personal injury lawyer may discuss with you is the high number of fraudulent claims that are filed with insurance companies. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes insurance adjusters to automatically question the validity of a claimant. However, your Vermont personal injury lawyer can discuss ways that you can help establish the validity of your claim.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your Vermont personal injury lawyer will explain the importance of seeking immediate medical treatment after your injuries. Many injuries may not be readily apparent, so it is important that you determine what medical issues you are grappling with immediately. Additionally, seeking immediate medical treatment helps establish the connection between the accident and the injuries.

Follow Medical Advice

Another piece of advice that your Vermont personal injury lawyer will provide you is to follow your doctor’s advice. You have the responsibility of mitigating your damages, which means that you cannot simply let your damages run up as much as possible. Therefore, if your doctor recommends that you avoid conducting activities that could exacerbate your injuries, follow these instructions. If he or she orders you not to work, follow this advice. While you may be concerned about losing income while medical expenses are accumulating, your personal injury lawyer will discuss ways to address those concerns without compromising your case.

Provide Documentation

Insurance companies rely more heavily on substantiated claims than on subjective reports. Providing documentation of medical expenses that were incurred and medical records that demonstrate an objective injury mean much more to them than a claimant’s complaints of pain and suffering. Your lawyer can gather the important documents that help substantiate your claim. This includes medical records that prove the injuries, the employment records that show your lost income and objective documentation of other aspects of your damages. Staying in continuous contact with your lawyer can help you keep him or her abreast of any changes or additions that impact your case.

Legal Assistance from Our Vermont Personal Injury Lawyer

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