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22 Mar 2016

Insurance Adjuster Tricks Explained by a Vermont Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance Adjuster Tricks Explained by a Vermont Personal Injury AttorneyIt is very common for a Vermont personal injury attorney to be told by their client that the insurance adjuster recommended that they avoid using an attorney. Many adjusters will start giving people excuses such as:

  • Attorneys slow down the claim process
  • I cannot work with you personally if an attorney is involved
  • An attorney will be more of an interference than a benefit
  • I am looking out for your best interest, why involve a third party
  • If you hire a lawyer we will have to hire one as well and this will affect your claim.

As your Vermont car accident lawyer will explain, all of these issues are irrelevant. The insurance adjuster is just looking out for their bottom line. The claimant’s best interest is never the same as the insurance company.

How Adjusters Are Compensated

Most insurance companies evaluate their adjusters on their performance. However, as your Vermont personal injury attorney will explain, this rating may not be the same way that other companies rate their employees. Adjusters are judged on how quickly they “turn over” cases and how well they keep the costs of each case down. Adjusters are found to be exemplary employees if they can convince an injury victim to sign off on a settlement without the involvement of a Vermont car accident lawyer. Quickly closed cases save the insurance company a lot of money, and all employees are encouraged to push for a quick close. Insurance companies train their adjusters to actively discourage injured parties to avoid hiring an attorney because they know that when a Vermont car accident lawyer is hired:

  • The value of the claim will rise because the attorney will demand that all forms of compensation available to the claimant are paid.
  • The claims process will take longer because the attorney will be evaluating everything the insurance company offers to ensure that the rights of their client are protected.
  • The claim may be taken to Court if the insurer does not want to honor their obligations to the injured party as required by law and the terms of their insurance policy.

In addition to these reasons, insurance companies also push for a quick close on a claim to reduce their operating expenses. When a case is being handled by an attorney, it takes more time to complete. This causes the adjusters to dedicate more time to the case and work longer hours. These longer hours result in higher operating costs. So, in an effort to keep overhead costs low, the insurer wants to settle every case as quickly as possible and without the intervention of an attorney.

Your Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

Every state has specific laws regarding personal injury claims. Every insurance policy also has specific forms of compensation that they guarantee. Sadly, many insurance companies often “forget” these terms and conditions in their policy and they make low settlement offers to the injured party in an effort to close the case. When you hire an attorney to represent your claim, they will carefully review all the terms of the policy to determine what you are entitled to for your losses. In addition, the attorney will also make sure that you are receiving complete medical care for your injuries. All too often, insurance adjusters like to decline medical treatment options as unnecessary, when in fact, they are crucial to your recovery. Your attorney will also ensure that any settlement offer that the adjuster makes is complete and fair. These settlements should include any current losses you have endured, as well as losses you will have in the future due to the injury you received.

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