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29 Mar 2016

Our Vermont Workers Compensation Lawyer Lists Common Workers’ Comp Mistakes

Vermont Workers Compensation LawyerIf you have been injured as a result of your job, our Vermont workers compensation lawyer may be able to provide you with valuable representation. The steps you take within the first few days of injury are the most important in determining the outcome of your claim. You can ruin your chances of receiving compensation to cover your various accident-related costs by making these common mistakes.

Keeping the Accident Secret

Many workers feel hesitant to report a work-related injury to their boss for fear of losing their jobs. Some may think that the injury does not warrant making a fuss or risking termination. Nonetheless, failing to file an immediate incident report can have serious consequences if your injury worsens later. Most states have strict time limits on reporting work-related injuries, so the sooner you do so the better your chances are of filing a successful claim.

Failing to Get Medical Help

Many workers make the mistake of putting off medical attention as long as possible, telling themselves that the symptoms will get better. There are many workplace injuries that worsen over time, so any delay in seeking medical care detracts from your credibility as a claimant. It is difficult to convince an insurance adjuster that your injury is serious if you did not get help right away, even if your symptoms developed later. Discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor and leave nothing out, no matter how trivial it seems. This is especially true if you have past incident of injury in a similar area. Keep track of your medical records as you seek follow-up care and make sure to keep any appointments you have. For more details, contact our Vermont workers compensation lawyer.

Giving False Statements

Some people make the mistake of exaggerating or lying about symptoms to make it seem like they have a stronger claim. In reality, insurance companies investigate very closely and are trained to look for discrepancies between your medical records and your claims of pain or discomfort. Insurance companies also dispatch private investigators to poke holes in false or exaggerated claims and it is highly likely that you will be caught. A workers compensation attorney Vermont residents trust may be able to help you present your symptoms in an appropriately serious way without raising red flags with the insurance adjuster. When it comes to seeking compensation and presenting your medical issues, you do not have to prove that you are sicker or hurt worse than anyone else. All you have to do is present a consistent and accurate timeline of your medical history as it relates to the accident. This demonstrates how you were affected on a daily basis by the injury or illness and proves that you are worthy of compensation to help you deal with the associated costs and damages.

Failing to Get Legal Help

The biggest mistake many claimants make is failing to seek help from a qualified workers compensation attorney Vermont residents trust. An attorney is on your side from the beginning of the claims process and has been through the process many times before. Working with an attorney can help ensure that you do not say the wrong thing to your insurance adjuster, jeopardizing your case. An attorney may also help you negotiate a fair settlement and provide advice on what you should and should not agree to. If all else fails, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against your employer if you are unable to reach a settlement and negligence was involved.

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