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Vermont work injury lawyers recognize agricultural work as one among the Vermont Farming Accidents injury lawyermost dangerous occupations in the United States. Farmers, ranchers, and their hired hands work many long hours in harsh conditions and unforgiving, remote environments. When an injury occurs, it can be life-threatening because it may take more time for help to respond, and there may be conflicting accounts of how the incident occurred. An experienced Farming Accident injury lawyer can help you sort through the details, determine the responsible party, and file any necessary claims or lawsuits.

There are thousands of farm injuries in the United States every year. They vary in severity from wrongful death cases to missing limbs and back injuries. In many unfortunate cases, non-citizen farm workers suffer serious harm but fear the loss of their job if they report the injury. Regardless of your status, you have legal rights, and we can help protect your livelihood.

Vermont Farming Accidents Attorney Joe Galanes Has Helped Many Injured Agricultural Workers

Farm and ranch injuries can be acute emergencies where immediate medical attention is necessary, but in most cases, the injury is more gradual and slowly takes its toll. Vermont Farming accidents injury compensation lawyers encounter many farm workers suffering from severe back pain, neck pain, and nerve damage. This is often the result of gradual harm caused by standing and stooping all day while picking crops, moving irrigation equipment, or processing harvested produce. It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the workers injury, but a Vermont worker’s compensation injury lawyer will be able to investigate the evidence and build a solid case for worker benefits.

  • Back injuries: cervical or lumbar strain, lumbago, disc degeneration or stress fractures in vertebrae.
  • Farm machinery accidents: every year many people are injured by tractors, augers, hay equipment and all terrain vehicles.
  • Animal injuries: cattle, horses, swine and other livestock can cause severe injury if they attack or inadvertently step on or run over an unsuspecting farm worker.
  • Serious skin, respiratory and vision problems: Pesticides, petroleum products and many other industrial chemicals used in agriculture can cause serious skin, respiratory and vision problems if proper caution and protective equipment is not used.

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If you have suffered an injury while working on a farm, ranch, or livestock yard it is important to protect your rights as soon as possible. Agricultural workers take a lot of pride in their work and often hesitate to complain or file a claim. Unfortunately, the severity of an agricultural accident can permanently affect your ability to earn a living and care for your loved ones. It is highly advisable to consult a skilled attorney like Joe Galanes to discuss your legal options. At Galanes Law consultations are free and confidential. We do not get paid unless you win. Call us today at (802) 698-8356.



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