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Vermont Head Injury Attorney

Vermont Head Injury Attorney
After a head injury suffered in an accident on the job, you may not realize that you sustained a significant, potentially life-changing injury. Even if you did not lose consciousness, one or more traumatic brain injuries may have occurred.

If you have concerns about head trauma caused by a work accident injury, you can trust your workers compensation claim to attorney Joe Galanes’ 17 years of experience, reputation for positive results, and determination to pursue the wage and medical benefits you deserve.

Many people associate neck injuries with “whiplash” in car accidents. In fact, most neck injuries occur in the workplace due to repetitive lifting, contact with falling objects, a trip or fall. Neck injuries can be debilitating and cause long-term health problems.

Joe Galanes and Galanes Law in White River Junction can pursue workers compensation benefits that cover your expenses, defray your debt and lift your spirits, helping you return to work so you can resume providing for your family.

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Experienced Vermont Neck Injuries Lawyer Joe Galanes

Signs and symptoms of head trauma caused by workplace accidents include changes in behavior, alterations in speech, memory problems and difficulties with completing the most mundane, routine daily task.

A serious neck injury suffered on the job, meanwhile, can manifest itself with tingling or burning sensations, stiffness or numbness in the neck and the arm, difficulty with swallowing or talking, severe headaches, blurred vision and nausea. Your neck injury could lead to mobility issues, a herniated or bulging disk, a degenerative disk or spinal cord damage that presents you with a permanent disability.

Did your head and neck injury happen in a traffic accident, or in a slip and fall on unsafe property? Our Galanes Law personal injury practice strives to obtain maximum financial compensation for you, and hold the negligent party accountable.

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