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Nurse Injuries Explained By A Vermont Injured Worker Attorney

Nurses work hVermont injured worker attorney nurse sitting ard every day to care for their patients and provide the best health care possible, and our Vermont injured worker attorney strongly supports the nursing profession. They are the primary point of contact for patients who are hospitalized and serve as the liaison between doctors, physician’s assistants, and hospital administrators. Nurses are truly on the front lines of American healthcare. Because of this, nurses face a wide array of on-the-job injuries and often require legal assistance.

Healthcare workers face some of the greatest difficulties when filing a claim for workers compensation benefits. Recent studies and investigations have found that injured nurses face substantial opposition from hospital administrators and workers comp claims adjusters when they file a claim for benefits. Nurses, more than many other employees, can benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced Vermont injured worker attorney.

Types of Workplace Injuries

Whether you are a registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse, or certified nurse’s assistant, you face numerous hazards every day. It is not uncommon for nurses to work very long hours and spend much of that time on their feet. This can lead to serious health issues.

We commonly encounter nurses with serious back injuries such as muscle strain, disc herniation, vertebral fracture, and osteoarthritis. Nurses regularly lift patients who are unable to walk, and back injuries are one of the most results of improper lifting. Lifting patients is difficult, and many hospitals have not invested in mechanical patient lifts. Unfortunately it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that a back injury occurs, and sometimes the injury will be the cumulative result of many smaller injuries. A skilled Vermont injured worker attorney can evaluate the evidence and help you prove that the injury was caused at work.

Other common injuries include:

  • Slip and fall accidents: medical facilities have slick tile or linoleum surfaces, and failure to wear non-slip shoes can result in a fall or other serious injury. Likewise, electrical cords and medical equipment constitute a serious tripping hazard.
  • Sickness or infection caused by exposure to bodily fluids, waste, or other biohazards. In more serious situations, nurses may be exposed to infection from deadly pathogens such as hepatitis, HIV, or antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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