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Workers Compensation Benefits
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Workers Compensation Benefits

If you were injured while working, you have legal rights, and a Vermont workers Vermont workers compensation benefitscomp attorney can help make sure you are fully compensated. Workers compensation is a form of insurance purchased by your employer that is designed to provide employees with financial security and compensation for injuries that occur on the job. It also protects the employer from being sued by their employees who are harmed while working or carrying out job requirements. Employers are legally required to carry workers compensation insurance.

Financial compensation for an on-the-job injury usually includes payments for necessary and reasonable medical care and wage replacement during the recovery period. If the injury is permanent or will cause lifelong disability, you may qualify for additional compensation.

Types of Injuries That Qualify

It is difficult to list every type of injury that could occur in the workplace, but it is important to realize that a qualifying injury can occur because of one specific incident or over the course of many years. There are obvious injuries like broken bones that you would expect to be compensated for.

However, just as many people are injured slowly over time because of poor ergonomics, repetitive motions, sitting for extended periods of time, or because of gradual exposure to chemicals or other dangerous substances. Just because the injury didn’t happen all at once does not mean you are not entitled to financial damages for the harm. You worked hard for your employer, and their insurance is meant to serve you if you are injured. Attorney Joe Galanes can evaluate the injury you suffered and answer any questions about filing a claim.

The insurance company will pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy and/or pharmacy costs. In addition to payments made to your medical providers, you may also receive other benefits for pain, suffering, and lost earnings. Generally these benefits will be paid in one of two ways. You may have the choice to receive installment payments over a defined period of time or one lump sum. Every situation is different, and a Vermont workers compensation attorney can help you decide which form of payment best fits your particular circumstances.

Benefits of Hiring a Vermont Workers Compensation Attorney

There is no guarantee that the insurance company will approve your claim for benefits. They may deny the claim altogether or only provide partial benefits. Don’t agree to any settlement without first speaking to an attorney.

Attorney Joe Galanes is a Vermont workers compensation attorney with more than 15 years of experience fighting for injured workers and recovering the money they are entitled to. Call Galanes Law at (802) 698-8356 for a consultation.


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